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Who we are

We only offer products of high manufacture and design,
without any component of animal origin
from companies that respect the environment and the people who live there 

Who we are

I’ve worked for many years in the financial sector as Senior Investment Advisor-Wealth Manager.

I’ve lived for many years in Milan (after graduating in Business Management from the Bocconi University), then in London and back in Milan; today I live in Lugano).

In addition to my great passion for the financial markets and more in general for the “economic mechanisms” that govern the world, I also feel an equally great passion (maybe as a sort of self-defenceJ) for sustainable economy, respectful of people and more in general of living creatures.

I’m also keen on Design and Architecture: for long I’ve focused on studying green building, natural materials and more innovative and sustainable building technologies. My love for magical places and my passion for sustainable architecture led me to develop an entrepreneurial project in Greece, to learn more visit the following website www.greenluxuryvillas.eu

I also try to apply some principles of “home economics” (for example, furnishing and clothing): appreciation for high-quality manufacture, use of raw or additive-free and recyclable garments/materials, whose cost depends on quality (goods value) and not on “reputational factors” (price increase).

The lovingnature.life-branded products are the fruit of that commitment.